When fashion goes Rogue

A Singapore fashion designer, Sabrina Goh, recently collaborated with Disney's Star Wars to come up with an exclusive Stars Wars fashion collection.
PHOTO: The New Paper

A home-grown designer is one with The Force.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released last week and made US$388 million (S$561 million) worldwide .

At the same time, Miss Sabrina Goh has made her own effort to bring balance to The Force with her fashion collection, Equilibrium, which debuted at the Rogue One Singapore premiere at VivoCity on Dec 13.

The clothing range is in collaboration with Disney, owners of the Star Wars franchise, and had been in the works for a year.

The local arm of the entertainment giant got in touch with Miss Goh late last year. How did she feel getting to the end of that first e-mail? "It was amazing," she told The New Paper.

Being approached by the "House of Mouse" was a big deal for the Lasalle-trained designer, who started her label in 2009.

"We are always looking out for opportunities to collaborate with good brands with a perspective on design, and more importantly, tell a story."

This is Miss Goh's second batch of Disney fashion.

In October, under her Elohim By Sabrinagoh label, she released a nine-piece collection based on Mickey Mouse's girlfriend called Minnie Rocks The Dots.

While Minnie was playful, Equilibrium is an edgier affair.

The limited-edition collection features 10 pieces ranging from $150 to $250.

Each is inspired by the characters created by George Lucas and the saga's underlying theme of the light and the dark sides of The Force.

The light and dark sides of The Force are the underlying theme for the Equilibrium limited-edition collection featuring 10 pieces. Photo: Courtesy of Beno Lim

There are cape tops and dresses that feature a Darth Vader graffiti-style print and a (suitably) oversized Death Star dress covers the dark side.

There are also cowl-neck dresses with galaxy prints and crop tops and culottes patterned with droids.

Her favourite is the Darth Vader cape top. "I like it because of the style and the cut of the cape, as well as the sketch of Darth Vader," said Miss Goh.

Fans of the series will see elements of the film costumes, which feature robes and capes.

"The cutting reflects both Elohim and Star Wars. Structure and drape has been a key silhouette to our brand. So it's a 50/50 thing for this," she said.

Her own style is minimal and architectural - an influence from her draughtsman father.

Having only seen The Phantom Menace before Disney approached her, Miss Goh went to immerse herself in all the films. "I bought them on iTunes and watched them from the first episode to the very last."

The design process with Disney was quite smooth.

"Disney had a team to support me along the way. They made sure I got the designs on point by reviewing and giving feedback - from concept to the final product to the fashion presentation."

The collection is available at the Sabrina Goh flagship store in Capitol Piazza and her website sabrinagoh.com.

While there will not be a third instalment to her Disney collaboration, Miss Goh has enjoyed the partnership.

"We had a wishlist of brands we wanted to work with, so for Disney to come to work with us is a dream come true," she said.


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