Which of these 6 makeup cleansers are best for you?

If there's one thing you should know by heart, it's got to be your makeup remover.

All the other skincare products would go to waste if you don't have something that clears away all of your makeup for a clean face, ready to receive the good stuff from your serums and creams.

So if you're still shopping around for a makeup remover that fits your needs and is good for your skin, here are two cents' worth on the different high-end and drugstore makeup removers out there.

Nuxe micellar cleansing water

Photo: Facebook/Nuxe Lebanon

Pro: I enjoyed how this is formulated with rose petals so it makes the makeup removing process a little more relaxing. Since it is made for sensitive skin, it didn't sting or irritate problem areas.

Con: It doesn't take off foundation easily. I had to use around three to four cotton balls half-soaked in the product to take it off. Best to use this when you have just really light makeup on.

Clinique Take the Day Off micellar cleansing towelettes

Photo: Facebook/Weaver's

Pro: Unlike the typical cleansing towelettes, this one is a little bigger because it's made to clean your entire face in just one go.

Con: If you need to clear your face of makeup every day, this might be a little pricey as a pack of 50 sheets is around P700.

MAC Pro Eye makeup remover

Photo: Facebook/Import Makeup

Pro: Since this is specific for eye makeup, it's good that the formulation doesn't sting the eyes. The trick is to place it on a round cotton pad, and let is sit on your lid for a few seconds before wiping it off.

Con: I find that it doesn't clear waterproof mascara or gel eyeshadows quickly. It takes at least two cotton pads more than other cleansing removers.

Bioré cleansing oil facial cotton sheets

Photo: Facebook/Cosmetics Love Bit's & Pieces

Pro: Made with cleansing oil, as opposed to micellar water, this one can take off any waterproof formulations easily and is also good for cream-based makeup products.

Con: Since it has oil, it may leave your skin a little sticky. You need to follow-up with a foaming cleanser after, which kinda defeats the purpose if you want to bring this on-the-go.

Avène micellar lotion cleanser and makeup remover

Photo: Internet

Pro: Serving as a cleanser, toner and makeup remover, this would be convenient for traveling.

Con: You might need to stock up on this since you can go through a bottle very quickly.

Celeteque makeup remover cleansing facial wipes

Photo: Internet

Pro: Cleans up most of your makeup with one wipe. You just have to use the reverse side to make sure you get everything, especially if it's waterproof makeup.

Con: Stings sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.