Why this jewellery brand makes heads turn

With a beautifully raw and organic aesthetic, Flutter Statement Jewelry stands out.

It is thus not surprising that the Filipino brand has made it internationally, with some of its pieces spotted on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Ashanti.

"If you look at the details, you will notice that our jewellery are made by hand. They showcase the sharp craftsmanship of the people here," says founder Katrina Ong, who is obviously proud of her country, the Philippines.

She adds: "Another thing that makes our brand stand out is our body jewellery - shoulder wraps, necklace vests, body belts - that works very well in complementing evening wear."

When it comes to materials, Flutter Statement Jewelry's designs are made out of beads, crystals and semi-precious stones. These are said to reflect the vibrancy of tropical island life.

Statement earrings and other tassel pieces are apparently a big hit right now.Photo: Flutter Statement Jewelry
Made out of beads, crystals and semiprecious stones, they offer a vibrant feel.Photo: Flutter Statement Jewelry
Each piece is hand-made by the design team in the Philippines.Photo: Flutter Statement Jewelry

"The business began as a hobby. The brand name itself is inspired by butterflies, and we liken ourselves as butterfly catchers in the sense that we catch, make and collect all things beautiful," states Ong.

"I designed all the jewellery, and this craft serves as my 'happiness output'. As a team, we then weave dreams, sew hope and love, and create beautiful designs sprinkled with lots of spirit."

According to Ong, she does not have much of a formal training when it comes to jewellery making. She did take a short course on beading, but the techniques she uses now are largely acquired through self-study.

When asked, she points out that the trend right now is all about statement jewellery. Women are currently into big and bold pieces that can work in showing off a distinct personality.

"Statement earrings and other tassel pieces are a big hit. They are one of our bestsellers, besides the shoulder jewellery and body vests that we specialise in," she notes.

Flutter Statement Jewelry is based in the Philippines but provides international shipping to buyers.

Visit flutterstatementjewelry.com for more information on the brand.