Why this love story is different from what you usually see

PHOTO: Preen Online/Youtube Screengrab

Love comes in many different forms. All of which are equally beautiful. From the first blush of liking someone to committing fully to the other person, and everything else in between, love is both universal and also specific to every one of us.

We do all experience love but not all of our experiences are the same. This is also why we can't get over it from songs to movies. Even the cynical of us has a rom-com film we watch to help us get by.

So here's another love story to remind you of everything we've just said. Watch and see how it's both different and yet relatable.

In the Philippines, the Anti-Discrimination Bill is currently being reviewed in the legislative branch. If passed, it shall be a landmark law that will open up many opportunities in health, employment, and education, that are rightly for our fellow citizens in the LGBTQ community.

We hope this month, and every month after that inspires you to help out the LGBTQ movement.

For now, let this video remind you of the many stories that deserve a spotlight too in our everyday consciousness.