Why you can't rely on skincare alone for good skin

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Many people are so obsessed with skincare that they forget about other factors that affect the skin. Applying essences and masks alone cannot give you good skin. You have to do so much more than that. These products definitely help but there are other factors that affect the way your skin looks and responds. The way you treat your body and the things you intake should also be considered. If you're relying on skincare alone, here are other factors you should take into account.


Do you have daily vitamins? If not, please go get some ASAP. If you have certain health concerns, consult your doctor so they can prescribe the best vitamins for you. Honestly, I was really bad at taking mine regularly. I would always forget to take them. But ever since I started making it a part of my daily routine, my skin has been shining! I also take a morning supplement, which has antioxidants and boosts collagen in the skin.


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Similar to taking your vitamins, be strict with yourself when it comes to water intake. The daily eight to 12 glasses helps to keep your body and skin hydrated. This will also flush out any toxins in your body.


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Staying out late has become part of my lifestyle. Even on weekdays I go home a bit later than planned, which not only messes up my body clock but skin as well. Not getting enough sleep means you're not giving your skin cells enough time to regenerate. This also causes your skin to become imbalanced, which can make it dry. If lack of sleep causes you to get stressed, same goes for your skin. This can be seen through flaky skin and breakouts.

A quick solution? Skip on the late nights and give your skin and body the good night's sleep it deserves. The positive effects won't happen overnight but you'll start to spot the differences eventually.


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Being active isn't just good for your body, the benefits can manifest itself in your skin too. However, physical activity boosts your circulation, which is good for the skin. Adding this to your regular routine can also help with the production of natural oils keeping your complexion supple. That after workout glow is no joke.


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What you put in your body affects not just the inside, but the outside as well. As much as you can, think twice before you eat something. For example, dairy might not actually be good for you. My brother had a very bad acne problem that we ended up linking to the amount of milk he would consume in a week. Once he started cutting it out of his diet, he started to get less breakouts. If there is food that is bad for your skin, there are also options that are good. Avocados, for example, has vitamin E, which can protect the skin from oxidative damage. If you want to know more about how food can affect your skin, maybe seek out a dietitian who can share their secrets with you.