Woman fed up with putting on make-up gets plastic surgery instead

Fed up with spending an hour every morning doing her make-up, a woman from Qingdao solved the problem by undergoing a round of plastic surgery instead.

In a report by Qingdao News, Nuonuo, 25, allowed cameras to go behind the scenes to document her plastic surgery procedures.

She had five procedures done during the seven-hour surgery.

Her procedures included a double-eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and contouring of facial features such as fat and muscles.

According to reports online, netizens have been criticising her reasons for doing plastic surgery, and for allowing cameras to follow her.

When interviewed, Nuonuo said she has always been vain since she was a little girl.

After entering the workforce, she felt pressured by all the beautiful women around her.

To make herself look pretty, she would spend an hour putting on make-up every morning.

Fed up with this, she thought that it would be more efficient if she went for plastic surgery for the ultimate solution in her goal to be beautiful.

But when she first heard the surgery was going to take seven hours, she got scared.

During the first procedure for double eye-lids, she felt the prick of the needle during her surgery, and couldn't help crying from the pain.

Qingdao News reported that her first sentence after coming out of surgery was: "Am I still alive?"

The doctor said it would take about a month for Nuonuo to recover and see the results of her transformation.

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