Woman proposed to her boyfriend, an ex-boyband singer she had a crush on since she was 12

PHOTO: Instagram

Talk about the ultimate love story, and one every fangirl hopes to realise!

When American-based German-born Louisa Grams proposed to her boyfriend, Rob Uncles, a former band member of Lexington Bridge, the proposal video (featuring the couple's excited and emotional expressions) went viral.

But it was the couple's story, which truly caught the attention of readers around the world.

It turns out that Louisa, who met Rob within their Los Angeles apartment complex, knew him 10 years ago!

When Louisa was 12 and living in Germany, she hung a poster of Rob, who was part of the British-Dutch-American boyband, in her bedroom.

And when she met him (she was talking on the phone in German when Rob overheard the conversation and introduced himself), she realised who she was talking to.

See the couple's proposal video below, as well as their full story here.

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