Yvonne Lim ready to have kids, even before she marries

Don't be surprised if Yvonne Lim has a bun in her oven even before she walks down the aisle.

By her own admission, she is ready to have babies - in fact, "anytime now".

The 37-year-old local MediaCorp actress looked sprightly as most brides-to-be would be at Tuesday's press conference of upcoming Channel 8 football-themed drama series World At Your Feet.

She told The New Paper that she and her fiance adore kids so much that they are "already letting nature take its course".

The groom is former Taiwanese boy band B.A.D member-turned-businessman Alex Tien.

Tien, 34, proposed to Lim in March, after just six months of dating.

"I know Alex will be a very reliable, responsible father figure from the way he loves animals," she said with a grin.

"He keeps two stray dogs at home, and rescued another from a pet shop before it was about to be put down.

"Ultimately, it depends on divine providence how many children we can have. Of course, I hope I don't disappoint."

Lim plays ageing penniless footballer Tay Ping Hui's embittered wife in World At Your Feet, which premieres on May 14 at 9pm.

Her latest TV role is a far cry from the blushing bride she'll be playing in real life soon.

She added that she was "a little surprised" when Tien popped the question during her cover shoot for fashion magazine Nu You in Singapore.

"I thought he would be more reserved and apprehensive about getting hitched, especially after his first (failed) marriage," she said.

"But I know he followed his heart, as this just feels so right. Anyway, his past is past, what's important is that we are really happy together.

"When he got down on bended knee, it caught me off guard. I got all emotional and cried."

Tien married Taiwanese model Sharon Hsu in 2009. The former couple, who have no kids, announced their amicable divorce last November.

If you don't recognise Tien from his heyday as a Mandopop idol, don't worry.

Lim readily agrees with viewers who watched Star Awards Show 2 on April 27 that her beau had piled on the pounds over the years.


She addressed him directly for the first time in public - their romance was exposed by the Taiwanese paparazzi in early March - on stage when she won the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste award.

In her thank-you speech, Lim said: "Alex, you told me not to be nervous, but I'm feeling extremely nervous right now. I haven't been so nervous before. Thank you for being in my life."

Cameras then panned to an emotional Tien, who was seated in the audience and blew her a kiss.

Tien also showed up at the post-show party and even smooched Lim in front of cameras.

"I knew him more than 10 years ago, when B.A.D visited Singapore on a promotional tour. Sparks certainly didn't fly between us; we became good friends though... My impression was that all three of them had 'sunshine looks'," she recalled.

"Actually, I prefer Alex's current chubby size. It's a lot nicer to hug! Before we attended Star Awards, he kept asking me if he should lose some weight, I told him there was no need to.

"Personally, I felt he was too thin when he was with B.A.D. I wouldn't have fallen in love with him then."

No wedding date or venue has been firmed up yet, but Lim said they hope to hold it by the end of this year.

"I'm such a clueless and chill bride, everyone seems more kan cheong (Hokkien for anxious) than me.

"They've been telling me that wedding preparations take a lot of time," she said with a laugh.

"I kept thinking that it's simply a matter of booking a place for our celebration and sending out e-mail invites."

Lim's initial idea of a dream wedding was a "destination wedding" held at "some offshore island" and attended by family members and close friends.

"That will be more in line with my low-profile nature, as I'm quite shy at heart. A cosy party for my loved ones to wine and dine would be ideal," she said.

But after consideration and discussion with Tien, they will most likely hold it in Singapore, to thank the media for showing "so much support" towards them.

"From the point the news about Alex and I first broke till now, the Singapore media has been nothing but super supportive of us. We want to celebrate with all of you (referring to local reporters)," said Lim.

"It wouldn't be nice if we tell you to buy your own air tickets to attend our wedding, right? It'll be so pai seh (Hokkien for embarrassing)!"

This article was published on May 8 in The New Paper.

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