Zhang Ziyi regains svelte figure after giving birth to daughter in December

Netizens have praised Zhang Ziyi for quickly regaining her pre-baby body after giving birth to her daughter in December.

The star was spotted at a supermarket in Los Angeles with her husband Wang Feng and step-daughter, Apple on Feb 19.

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So is Zhang Ziyi married yet?

A netizen took photos of them and uploaded them online, reports Asian E-News Portal.

In the photos, Ziyi was wearing a red loose top with black shades and was picking out baby products for her younger daughter.

Previously, there were reports of Apple's mother, Ge Huijie attacking Ziyi after she posted a photo of her step-daughter, her baby and her husband online.

Wang Feng retaliated and defended Ziyi by releasing a message which included asking if she "had looked after Manxi for one day of her life."

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