World’s first selfie from space captured in Nevada

Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar Selfie, which earned the title of "most retweeted picture of all time", could lay claim to being the greatest selfie taken from planet Earth.

If that is the case, then a selfie captured at the Hoover Dam in Nevada, USA on Nov 6 would be the greatest selfie taken from space. After all, it is a world's first.

Dubbed the "Spyfie", it was taken during a Heineken event to commemorate the beer brand's partnership with the James Bond film franchise, which started in 1997.

The selfie was created using a high-resolution (HD) satellite camera, Deimos-2, and its ultra-HD video camera, Iris, mounted on the International Space Station.

Orbiting 600 km above Earth, the Deimos-2 zoomed into the Hoover Dam to capture a view from outer space. The aerial view was then boosted via a camera-relay to give a close-up image of each individual participant.

A total of 200 guests participated in the event, including actor Dave Bautista and 25-year-old Singaporean Kenneth Lee, who was the Singapore winner for Heineken's Spyfie contest.