21 best celebrations around the world

Summertime is usually when many countries in the world celebrate the heat and constant sun with music and dance festivals.

However, summer is not the only determing factor for a party. Some places in the world have cultures that determine certain celebrations.

Take Singapore for an example. We are currently in the seventh month of the Chinese Lunar calendar when the Hungry Ghost Festival happens till Sep 12.

The festival's traditional Buddhist and Taoist influences, combined with entertainment such as Getai (or "song stage" in Chinese), represent a distinct Singapore that separates her identity from other countries.

What about other countries that highlight the cultural history of their nations?

UK-based blog AmaZing Venues has listed 21 countries and the celebrations that take place at certain periods of the year in an infographic.

According to AmaZing Venues, the Holi Cow Festival in India, which has a total of 5,000 attendees, predates the bible and Thanksgiving was on the American calendar before Independence Day.

Interested to catch some of the world's most celebrated festivals? Then click on the gallery to find out more.