25 important terms every traveller should know

25 important terms every traveller should know

Non-stop or direct flight? Each way or one way? These are just some of the confusing and similar-sounding terms everyone encounters while making travel plans.

These terms are put in place by airlines and vendors to help differentiate the many types of flights or hotels in the market to cater to the different needs of travellers. Some of the benefits of knowing such terms is to help save costs or plan your trip better.

Deals company Travelzoo has shared 25 such travel terms which are used globally during flight, hotel or tour bookings.

When booking a flight, it is common to see terms such as open jaw or code share.

According to Travelzoo, an open jaw flight is suitable for travellers flying into one city and leaving from another. This means, travellers don't have to return to the city of origin if they happen to be moving around.

Code share is an agreement among airlines, said Travelzoo, where carriers can sell seats on another carrier. This means, travellers can buy a ticket from one airline and fly on another plane. This gives the passenger more choices for flight timings and cities.

Other than airlines, hotels and vendors, the government also has travel terms which can be found in forms and taxes.

One important tax that tourists should be aware of is the Value-added Tax or commonly known as VAT.

It is a tax which adds a percentage on products and services at the final sale, said Travelzoo. In many places, tourists are able to get refunds on the sales tax before departing the country by showing their receipts.


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