$250 Prada 'paperclip' and fish-themed runway looks: Are designers running out of ideas?

You're on a time crunch to roll out a designer item, worthy of its luxury brand-label to be embossed on the side. Stressed out by the lack of ideas, what do you do?

Take inspiration from everyday items surrounding you of course.

The latest in a litany of designer accessories inspired by the mundane, Italian fashion powerhouse Prada seems to have taken a leaf out of Balenciaga's books with a US$180 (S$250) "paperclip".

Except… it's not actually a paperclip. Just an Italy-made, Prada embossed, paperclip-shaped money clip made of Sterling silver.

Photo: Barney's New York 

Thanks to the good people over at Prada, this clip will keep my stacks of $100 notes intact - a thoughtful invention considering some crazy winds we've been having lately. 

Just kidding, I don't actually have the wads of cash needed to warrant the use of this product.

Measuring 6.25cm by 2.25cm, the Prada money clip carried by Barney's New York naturally caught the attention of delightful Twitter jokesters who have mercilessly mocked the accessory shaped after a humble office supply.

Some thought the item resembled a more helpful friend from the past.

In other related news, runway fashion is infamous for being unsuitable for everyday wear, being seen as haute-couture or just plain kooky, depending on one's artistic perspective.

A great case in point - Paul Smith and his Spring 2018 collection.

A homage to all canned seafood products, the quirky designer used plastic fish and crustaceans to invite (or forewarn) guests about the fishy feast he intends to deliver.

Cue models strutting the runway in graphic illustrations reminiscent of those found on old tin cans and apparently inspired by the Tokyo fish market.

A recurring motif in his zany collection, people seemed to like the rainbow-coloured perspex set and the British designer's Japanese take on his label.

Not sure about you, but I'll be more willing to fork out more for those tuna fish espadrilles than the over-priced money clip.

At least they'll go well with the other animal-shaped accessories already in my collection.