3 Russian journalists injured in Syria: Defence ministry

3 Russian journalists injured in Syria: Defence ministry

MOSCOW - Three Russian state media journalists were lightly wounded in Syria when a missile exploded close to their vehicle as they travelled near the frontline in government-held territory, the defence ministry said Tuesday.

Two journalists from RT television and one from TASS news agency sustained the injuries on Monday when their vehicle was fired upon with anti-tank missiles, the defence ministry added.

RT published video shot by its journalist from a white vehicle driving up a hillside, passing shelled-out buildings and waved on by armed men before an explosion flips the car and the cameraman clambers out.

"Three Russian journalists were lightly injured, one of them suffered concussion," the defence ministry said in a statement.


"Currently the whole group of Russian journalists has returned to the Hmeimim air base, where the wounded are getting medical care." The incident, only reported Tuesday, took place in northern Latakia province near the village of Daghmashliya as the vehicle approached the strategic Zwek hill, the defence ministry said.

TASS news agency named its injured journalist as Alexander Yelistratov, while RT said its English-language correspondent Roman Kosarev suffered concussion and its Arabic-language correspondent Sargon Hadaya suffered shrapnel injuries to his back and leg.

Pro- Kremlin state journalists are embedded with the Russian deployment carrying out a bombing campaign in Syria from the Hmeimim base in territory controlled by the Damascus regime.

The journalists also cover forces loyal to Russia's long-standing ally President Bashar al-Assad, which Moscow seeks to portray as a key bulwark against jihadist fighters.

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