6 complaints your airline is tired of hearing

Weather delays, flight cancellations - these are some travel issues which can make some passengers go ballistic.

It might be our first instinct to head over to the airline counter to complain - but, seriously, there is no point in doing so, said travel resource site, Map Happy.

If you don't want to make the situation worse for fellow travellers and airline staff, here are six complaints you should avoid making.

Everybody is allowed hand-carry bags but there might not be space in the overhead compartment where you are sitting.

Don't get worked up, but instead ask the flight attendant for advice. They can help you stow your bags away in another area.

The overhead compartment is not a Tetris game board and over-stuffing the space may cause damage to the bags.

There might also be a chance that you will encounter an upset or misbehaving child during your flight.

Complaining to the flight attendant is not going to help. Flying on planes for children is not a comfortable experience.

Being confined to a seat and with no designated play area, it is not an easy ride for the child.

Moreover, some kids can't take the cabin pressure which can give them awful ear aches and result in them screaming in pain.

If the child is kicking or kneeing your seat, the best you can do is to alert the parent or adult the child is with first, said Map Happy. Calling the flight attendant can be seen as a passive-aggressive move.