6 things that make your home feel outdated and how it spruce it up

Are you feeling jaded and want your own home to be like a page out of a magazine?

Here are some things you should consider to spruce up your home.

1. Carpet everywhere

Get rid of them! These days it's all about the trendy and hygienic hardwood.

2. Honey oak cabinets

They are no longer popular. Refinish or paint them for a quick update.

3. Beige walls

In current day, grey is the neutral and popular colour of choice.

4. Gold fittings

Shiny brass faucets are so 1990s! So unless you are living in a castle, you might want to consider refitting your taps and shower heads. 

5. Chintz wallpaper

Done wrong, it just looks like grandma decorated your space.

6. Laminate countertops

Though still a good & cheap material, marble or granite is now trendy.