7 creepy things you should never do on the plane

Watching adult films, "stalking" fellow passengers - these are just some of the creepy things travellers can do on a plane and yet, does not constitute as legitimate reasons to get kicked off.

Travel resource site Smarter Travel said some social practices widely-accepted outside an aircraft environment can be off-putting while on a plane, and may end up making fellow passengers feel uncomfortable.

See someone attractive on the plane? Smarter Travel said sending a drink to the fellow passenger might not have the same result as doing it at a bar.

Drinks may be complimentary on the plane, but getting the flight attendant to help play cupid is definitely a no-go.

If there is a passenger you would like to get friendly with, you can bring the drink to him or her instead.

Virgin America launched the Seat-to-Seat Chat in 2013 to allow passengers to chat with their friends and families sitting away from them.

The messaging service, said Smarter Travel, has given passengers a chance to chat each other up like in an Internet chat room. However, when it is misused, it can make passengers feel weirded out as well.

Imagine if a stranger messaged you and said he has been watching you from his seat - that might not be a welcome pick-up line to use - especially if you are on a long-haul flight.

You definitely cannot exit the chatroom or "block" the person if you are not to keen to chat.

If you are want to know a passenger, one way to do so is "bump" into him/her outside the washrooms and strike up a proper conservation with small talk instead.