7 things that are killing your productivity

Are you constantly checking your phone or surfing the Internet while at work? And then, you try to reply an email while reading a text message? While you think you might be accomplishing more by multitasking, your productivity actually takes a hit. 

Here are some things that are killing productivity.  

1. Impulsively surfing the Internet

It takes 15 minutes before you can fully engage in a task, so don't disrupt it.

2. Perfectionism

You can't produce something great if you don't get started.

3. Meetings

Productive people avoid them if possible & always stick to the schedule.

4. Responding to emails as they arrive

Instead, check emails on a schedule and prioritise messages by sender.

5. Hitting the snooze button

When you hit the snooze button you lose alertness and wake up tired and groggy.

6. Multitasking

Your brain lacks the capacity to successfully do two tasks at the same time.

7. Putting off tough tasks

We have limited mental energy so tackle complex tasks in the morning.