Air rage 2014: Things you just cannot do on flights

PETALING JAYA - We're all anxious to get off the plane when it lands. But evidently, for whatever reason he had, a passenger on China Eastern Flight MU2331 on Dec 8 seemed more eager than most to disembark.

What did he do soon after the plane touched down at Sanya airport in Hainan island from Xi-an on the evening flight?

He scurried to one of the emergency exits and opened the door as plane was still taxiing to a parking bay. This triggered the automatic deployment of the emergency slides.

The passenger was quoted saying that he was "just too eager to get off the plane."

The incident cost the airline RM56,000 (S$21,000) - repairs to the door and slide. It also delayed the return flight to Xi'an by two hours.

There are just some things you cannot do while flying, including the incident where a passenger flung hot water and noodles on an AirAsia flight attendant.

Here are some bizarre air rage incidents in 2014 committed by passengers, and in some cases even the cabin crew.

Brawl between Air China passengers on Dec 17

It began with two passengers on the Chongqing-Hong Kong Air China flight CA433 complaining to a family sitting behind them that their child was too noisy. The family in turn told the two women off and that they were reclining their seats too much. All of a sudden a fist fight took place.

The cabin crew had a tough time separating the women until the plane landed in Hong Kong. Police were then called in and the situation was successfully defused.

Thai AirAsia noodle incident of Dec 11

In this incident, a passenger on FD9101, a Bangkok-Nanjing charter flight, caused the flight to return to Bangkok when she threw hot water and instant noodles at a flight attendant. The pilot was forced to turn the evening flight back and told the passenger and three others travelling with her to "get off my plane."

It was reported that the flight attendant received first aid from her colleagues. An amicable solution was reached at the airport office after the captain and crew discussed the situation with the passenger, a Chinese national.

The Korean Air "nut rage" incident of Dec 5

KAL 86 which was carrying 250 passengers from New York's JFK Airport to Seoul's Incheon International Airport had to taxi back to the gate for the flight's chief flight attendant to disembark.

Why? The airline's, now former, head of in-flight service and hotel operations, Cho Hyun-Ah, flew into a rage when she was served macadamia nuts in a bag and not a dish, which was against protocol for first-class service on the airline.

Eyewitnesses said the chief flight attendant was forced to kneel before Cho who jabbed him with a document folder, scolding him in loud and derogatory language. The plane, with 250 passengers, returned to the gate to "let off" the flight attendant.

It has since been reported that South Korea's Transport Ministry was considering imposing penalties or fines on Korean Airlines over the incident.

London mayor acts to calm down aggressive MAS passenger, Dec 3

Mayor Boris Johnson, on his way home after visiting Malaysia, was caught up in a mid-air drama when he tried to calm a passenger who became abusive and violent on MAS flight from Kuala Lumpur to London.

The man, thought to have been drinking, began singing and shouting abuse at which point Johnson moved to sit next to him and attempted to calm him down with help from other passengers and crew.

Their efforts were successful but the man became unruly again and was restrained. A flight steward was said to have sustained a cut cheek in the melee.

Smuggling a pig onto a flight, Nov 28.

It was reported by the New York Post that Angelica Spanos was asked to get off her flight in Connecticut after passengers complained that she had brought her pet pot-bellied pig, Hobie into the cabin with her.

Passengers had raised complaints that the 30kg pig, which resembled a large bag was spreading a foul odour and was taking up too much room.

Alcohol-fueled air rage, Nov 25

In this incident, Briton Mohammed Khelya got into an alcohol-fueled quarrel with his wife on a Thomas Cook charter flight to their honeymoon in Cuba after he drank from a bottle of duty-free vodka.

This prompted his wife to change seats "to get away" from him. And when his request to see her was turned down by the crew, the 22-year old threatened to kill passengers. He spat at other passengers once he was handcuffed.

The flight was diverted to Bermuda, where he was escorted away by police. His wife, and the other passengers continued on to Cuba.

Ebola panic on an America Airlines flight, Oct 16

This is different from the previous cases, as it was American Airlines cabin crew that panicked and confined a passenger who had vomited in the aisle on the Dallas-Chicago flight in a toilet.

According to a report, the black woman was told by cabin crew "we can't let you out" while questioning her on any previous travel, out of a fear that she was infected with the Ebola virus.

Emergency personnel boarded the aircraft upon landing, escorted the woman off the flight and wrapped all her belongings in plastic before removing them.