American Airlines plane evacuated because of a fart? Nope, it's another odour

Passengers on an American Airlines flight were reportedly forced to evacuate on Sunday (July 16) after they complained of headache and nausea caused by a funky stench.

Initial media reports said a man suffering from flatulence had caused the pong with an unnamed airline official saying the "passed gas" had forced passengers off Flight 1927 at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

But the reports were inaccurate, according to airline spokesman Ross Feinstein.

Clearing the air, he said the onboard smells and subsequent evacuation were due to a mechanical issue - not farts, as previously reported.

He added that "the medical call for persons affected by an odour came in after the plane deplaned."

Flight 1927 took off Sunday afternoon from Charlotte, North Carolina and landed at its scheduled destination of Raleigh-Durham airport in the same state at 2.21pm.

Passengers disembarked in a normal manner, and an odour was reported by the crew after passengers had deplaned, American Airlines spokeswoman Lakesha Brown said.

Its explanation did not stop people from cracking jokes on social media, with some commending the fictional passenger with epic farts.