Argentinian footballer shoots referee dead after being sent off

An amateur football match in the Cordoba province of Argentina ended in tragedy after a player gunned down the referee on Feb 15 for sending him off.

According to local media reports, Cesar Flores, 48, showed an unnamed player the red card after the latter had committed a heavy foul on an opposing player.

The player then stormed back to the pitch with a pistol that was retrieved from his backpack, shooting the referee dead in the head, chest and neck.

Another player, Walter Zarate, 25, was also "severely wounded", but is believed to be out of danger.

Local reports added that the assailant remains at large.

Football in South America has been marred by violence over the years.

In May 2014, a fan was killed after being struck by a toilet bowl thrown in a match in Recife, Brazil. There were also earlier reports of spectators decapitating a referee after he had stabbed a player in an amateur game.