Australian man tricks wife into naming daughter Lanesra - Arsenal spelt backwards

Ms Clare Smith's quirky letter about being tricked into naming her daughter Lanesra.
PHOTO: Twitter

A diehard Arsenal football club fan from Australia managed to trick his wife into naming their daughter 'Lanesra' - which is Arsenal spelt backwards - under the pretext that it was unique and romantic.

His wife, Clare Smith, wasn't too amused when she found out two years later.

In a letter published in a local magazine, the Blacktown resident in Sydney explained how she was duped: "We chose our daughter's name, Lanesra, because it was unique and romantic.

"It wasn't 'til she was two that my husband told me it was actually his favourite football team, Arsenal, spelt backwards!"

A photo of the snippet has amassed over 2 million views since it was posted on Reddit two days ago, with opinions divided on the ingenuity of the name.

"Kids at school will call her Lasagna," Reddit user 'MeAsaHorse' wrote.

A Twitter user and, possible rival football fan, Mitchell Carney tweeted: "Should have given her a normal girl's name like Chelsea".

Regardless of your football affiliation, the father is definitely in contention for the sneakiest father of the year award. Well played, Mr Smith.

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