Australian Phuc Dat Bich 'honoured' after name goes viral

SYDNEY - Australian man Phuc Dat Bich, who became an Internet sensation after complaining his Facebook page kept being shut down, says he is honoured his name has made people laugh.

The 23-year-old, who is of Vietnamese origin, originally posted a complaint on Facebook in January that it was "highly irritating that nobody seems to believe me when I say that my full legal name is how you see it".

"I've been accused of using a false and misleading name... which I find very offensive. Is it because I'm Asian? Is it? Having my fb shut down multiple times," he said.

His case recently attracted media attention and he posted a picture of his passport to prove he was not lying, with hundreds of people leaving supportive comments and more than 40,000 now following his public posts.

He thanked them on Monday, saying in a post that he was glad people were able to laugh "given the tragic events that have happened all over the world".

"I'd like to mention that I am very grateful to those who have been supportive of certain names that populate in different cultures," said the Australian, whose name is pronounced Phoo Da Bi.

"We live in a diverse and multicultural society and the fact that there are people out there who are supportive and encouraging really makes me happy.

"I am glad and honoured to be able to make people happy by simply making them laugh at something that appears outrageous and ridiculous. As an individual I hope I have played a part in brightening your days!"