Baby falls to death after mother's dress gets caught in Uzbekistan mall escalator

It was meant to be a trip to the mall, but it probably never occurred to a young mother in Uzbekistan that the excursion would be the final moments she had with her newborn baby.

The woman was carrying the baby in her right hand, while holding on to an older child with her left hand as she came down an escalator at the O'zbegim mall in the city of Andijan.

But then tragedy struck when the woman's long dress became caught in the escalator.

As her body jerked forward, the infant lying in her arms slipped out and fell over the side of escalator.

The baby tumbled 12m, equivalent to the height of a four-storey building, The Sun reported.

According to the Daily Mail, emergency personnel who rushed to the scene could not revive the child.

It is unclear when the horrifying incident took place, but security footage capturing the incident has been widely shared online.

Just last year, a similar incident in Shanghai resulted in the death of a four-month-old boy who died after plunging three storeys when his grandmother tripped on an escalator.

Gif: Sina Weibo

In 2015, another escalator mishap in Hubei, China also made headlines. In that incident, a young mother died while saving her three-year-old son from falling through a collapsed escalator floor plate. After pushing him to safety, the woman fell through the hole on the escalator landing and died.

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