Back to the Future: The DeLorean car comes back from the dead

Never has a movie title been more apt.

The DMC-12 DeLorean, which was famously the go-to car in the Back to the Future films that made actor, Michael J. Fox a household name, is making a comeback.

After going out of production 30 years ago, fans of the classic films will get a chance to buy the car again after Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company (which is not related to the original manufacturer), announced that it will be manufacturing the car, according to a CNN report.

The price, however, is a hefty US$100,000 (S$142,420), so one probably has to be a die-hard fan to even consider buying the vehicle.

Current plans are for the new DeLoreans to be manufactured from unused spare parts produced by the original plant, founded by John DeLorean.

Manufactured in Northern Ireland, 9,000 cars were made before production ended in 1982.