Best of both worlds

Best of both worlds
Crizal Transitions Signature Lenses. Inset: AsiaOne tester's spectacles turning dark in sunlight.

When Transition lenses hit Singapore over a decade ago, its colour-changing lenses became something of a status symbol among the bespectacled. Despite all its benefits, however, the early lenses were rather susceptible to wear and tear and took awhile to fully adapt to different lighting conditions.

Fast forward a few years later, when Crizal lenses were launched. These lenses reduced dust, water, smudges, reflections and other daily pollutants to a degree that surpassed most conventional lenses.

Back then, people had to choose between the sunglasses-like protection and anti-glare of Transition lenses and the visual clarity of Crizal. Now, one can have the best of both worlds with the new Crizal Transitions Signature lenses.

Crizal Transitions Signature lenses boast a faster response to changes in lighting conditions as well as clearer vision in low-light conditions, thanks to its new Chromea7 technology. It also has improved UV protection on both the front and back of the lens and is also said to give better vision thanks to its resistance to smudges and everyday pollutants.

AsiaOne's test subject, who had previously owned two pairs of original Transitions lenses, tried out a pair of spectacles fitted with the new Crizal Transitions Signature lenses and found that they are more resistant to dust, smudges, and even water drops. He also commented that he did not have to constantly wipe the lenses clean, and vision was noticeably clearer.

The adaptive features of the lenses also seem improved from the original, with a faster transition time and greater reduction in glare, even when working in front of the computer.

Our tester also remarked that there are more lens colours to choose from, as opposed to the one standard colour previously. This allows for more aesthetic pairings of lens and frame colours.

Although they have performed well so far, it must be said that we have tried out the new lenses for less than three months. As always, check with your optician or optometrist whether these lenses are right for your lifestyle.

Crizal Transitions Signature lenses come in grey and brown, and retail at major optical stores from $248.

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