Biden condemns Japanese American internment as 'shameful' period in US history

Joe Biden.
PHOTO: Reuters

US President Joe Biden reaffirmed the US government’s “formal apology” for the internment of Japanese Americans on Feb 19, the date in 1942 when US President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an executive order to intern US residents.

By granting the military the authority to relocate certain residents without trial or appropriate procedures, more than 120,000 Americans of Japanese descent and others suspected of having cooperated with Japan during World War II were taken to internment camps.

In a statement, Biden condemned the internment, calling it “one of the most shameful periods in American history.”

“Japanese Americans were targeted and imprisoned simply because of their heritage,” Biden continued. “These actions by the Federal government were immoral and unconstitutional.”

In 1988, during the administration of President Ronald Reagan, the US government also officially apologized for such actions.