Bomb-shelter looks like a public toilet

Graffiti brightens up the many bomb shelters in Sderot, a town that faces imminent threat of rocket attacks.

More than 8,600 rockets fired from Gaza have landed in and around the Israeli city since 2001, according to the local media center. 

With a population of around 25,000, the city lies just over a kilometre away from Gaza and is not fully protected by the Israeli Iron Dome defence system set up to intercept incoming missiles. 

When they hear a "code red" alarm warning of an approaching rocket, Sderot's residents have 15 seconds to seek shelter. 

In an effort to brighten the landscape and ease the psychological stress, especially among children, many bomb shelters and concrete reinforcements are decorated with bright primary colors, graffiti, and idyllic landscapes at odds with the monolithic architecture of the town and the imminent threat of attack.