Boy, 8, dies saving 6 people

Boy, 8, dies saving 6 people

NEW YORK - He died a hero.

Tyler J. Doohan, eight, was staying over at his grandfather's trailer in New York, in the US, when a fire broke out early on Monday morning.

According to investigators, Tyler woke six people up, including two children who were four and six.

All managed to escape the burning trailer, reported the Democrat & Chronicle, but the boy died trying to rescue his disabled uncle, Mr Steven Smith, 54.

Tyler was one of the three people who died in the fire. His grandfather and Mr Smith's bodies were found together in a back bedroom in the charred mobile home.


Neighbours described Tyler as an energetic and sometimes mischievous boy who liked to play kickball and tag.

"Tyler was always outside playing around, getting into things," said Ms Tara DiMartino.

"He was only there on occasion. During the summer, there were always a lot of cook-outs and bonfires and he was over there."

Local fire chief Chris Ebmeyer said the casualties of the fire could have been much worse if not for Tyler's actions.

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