British 'Barbie doll' says no man wants to date her because of her looks

British 'Barbie doll' says no man wants to date her because of her looks

Hannah Gregory, a 22-year-old student at the University of Sheffield, likes to dress up like a living Barbie doll because regular clothes make her anxious, according to Acidcow.

However, she also says that her looks are destroying her love life.

Men apparently refuse to date her because they are either afraid, intimidated or embarrassed by her looks.

She has a tiny 22-inch waist and wears contact lenses that mimic the wide-eyed doll's stare.

The Mirror in UK reports that Hannah's walking-talking doll looks have amassed for her thousands of online followers, but she says her striking appearance and Barbie-inspired outfits have garnered her abuse and criticism too.

Hannah says passers-by would make rude comments in the street and her looks have made even her family feel uncomfortable.

The student says: "When I leave the house, people laugh and shout rude comments at me. My family don't like to go out with me because they hate seeing people being mean to me in public."

She adds: "It's hard to find a boyfriend too. Often, guys will become infatuated with my appearance and tell me how much they like me. But they're not interested in getting to know my personality - they just see me as a doll.

"But the abuse doesn't bother me, I feel happy and cute as a doll. And when people yell 'Barbie' at me on the street, I take it as a compliment! I'm proud to be called a human Barbie."


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