British student raises thousands for 'homeless hero'

LONDON - A British student has raised thousands of pounds for a "homeless hero" who offered her his last few coins to get home at night after she lost her bank card.

The online fundraising page reached over £16,500 (S$33,830) on Wednesday after student Dominique Harrison-Bentzen's campaign went viral.

"After losing my bank card and having no money in the early hours, a homeless man approached me with his only change of three pounds and insisted I took it to pay for a taxi," Harrison-Bentzen wrote on the page.

"I didn't take the money but I was touched by such a kind gesture from a man who faces ignorance every day."

The man, Robbie, had been homeless for seven months in the town of Preston in northern England and was known for making kind gestures, the University of Central Lancashire student discovered.

To thank him, Harrison-Bentzen decided to spend 24 hours homeless in a fundraising drive to pay for accommodation for him.

Supporters were asked to give three pounds, the same amount that Robbie had offered.

"Together our small act of kindness can change someone's life this Christmas and finally get him off the streets safe and warm," wrote Harrison-Bentzen.

By Wednesday the page had raised £16,500 from almost 3,000 backers.