Business leaders to speak against Scottish independence

More than 100 business leaders in the United Kingdom with operations in Scotland plan to speak out against independence in a united statement, the Telegraph reported.

The newspaper said Keith Cochrane, chief executive of Glasgow-based engineer Weir Group Plc, was behind the move urging business leaders and entrepreneurs to sign a joint letter imploring voters to reject independence for the sake of economic prosperity. Those approached included Royal Mail Plc Chairman Donald Brydon, Cairn Energy Plc boss Bill Gammell, Aggreko Plc interim Chief Executive Angus Cockburn and Royal Dutch Shell Plc Chief Executive Ben van Beurden, the Telegraph reported on Thursday.

A spokesman for Weir Group declined to comment.

The newspaper said the full list would be disclosed next week.

So far, most companies have refrained from making public comments as their workforces are divided on the issue of independence for Scotland.

The daily said signatories have put their names to the list in a personal capacity.