Cheap luxury hotels for $130 or less

There is nothing more glamorous than spending a decadent holiday in a luxurious hotel.

If you think your travel budget cannot accommodate the high costs of an up-market hotel room, then you might not have heard of these 11 amazing luxury hotels for just US$100 (S$130) or less a night.

According to lifestyle and entertainment site,, these 11 hotels are located around the world - from China to Mexico and will tantalise any traveller with its beautiful decor and offerings.

Brody House in Budapest, Hungary, is a cosy guest house with 11 unique rooms.

Featuring local art and paint-stripped walls, the hotel's rustic charm and luxury facilities will leave you pampered to the bone. The rooms here start from US$100.

If you are looking for a quick getaway, the list also includes two great stays in Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Rooms at Mini Hotel Causeway Bay in Hong Kong start from US$54 a night and the hotel is every art lover's dream.

The Andy Warhol-inspired hotel is furnished with quirky and pop-art style furniture and decor.

Each room is also uniquely designed with its own theme and paintings - perfect for lots of photo-taking opportunities.

Be sure to check out that cheeky picture of a bikini-clad Giselle Bundchen and a butt-naked Robbie Williams hanging on one of the walls.

The centrally-located hotel is also nestled in the entertainment and fashion district with many dining and luxury shopping options.

Bibliophiles will fall in love with The Alcove Library Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, once they step into the lobby.

Resembling the "hotel" actor Martin Sheen stayed at in the movie, Apocalypse Now, the vintage-style accommodation has endless shelves of books from floor to ceiling, and a ladder to reach the top.

From US$55 a night, the boutique hotel's European style decor will make the guests feel like they have been transported back in time.