Cheese festival in England runs out of cheese, offers 50% discount for next year

PHOTO: Facebook/The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese Festival offered an apology to event attendees due to the shortage of cheese during the event.

Organizers held the event at Hove Lawns in Brighton, England, on March 3. The festival had promised attendees they could "indulge in our range of bars serving craft beers, liquor and wine, plus live comedy, local bands & cheesy DJ's performing a selection of jazz, funk & R n Brie."

Unfortunately, "adverse weather conditions" on the day itself prevented exhibitors and performers from travelling to the event location. Organizers offered a public apology on the event's Facebook page and promised a 50 per cent discount for next year's tickets.

Attendees were still disappointed. Reactions on the page offered a glimpse of the frustration they felt with few stalls, no craft beer and only a portion of the promised cheese extravaganza.

Photo: Facebook/TheBigCheeseFestival

One netizen questioned the wisdom of locating the event on the seafront.

Photo: Facebook/TheBigCheeseFestival

One woman endured a long trip despite being pregnant.

Photo: Facebook/TheBigCheeseFestival

Others felt insulted at the 50 per cent discount offered for a 2019 cheese festival.

Photo: Facebook/TheBigCheeseFestival

The team behind The Big Cheese Festival are currently taking feedback from attendees through email and assured everyone that their concerns would be heard.