Chinese fortune tellers say Britain's new princess 'strong-willed'

HONG KONG - Britain's new princess will be strong-willed and innovative, a free spirit who will re-energise the royal family, Chinese fortune tellers predicted on Sunday.

Prince William and his wife Kate's daughter was born Saturday, falling under the Chinese zodiac sign of the sheep and with a personal element of earth, according to the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui.

Her birthday combination is "a very strong one", feng shui expert Thierry Chow told AFP.

"It indicates that she will give good luck to her family, being born in the sheep year has certainly helped to create this lucky combination." The princess, fourth in line to the throne, will be artistic and somewhat of a free spirit, according to Mak Ling-ling - another Hong Kong fortune teller.

"She has artistic talent and does not like to stick with the status quo, unlike her brother who will be more disciplined and reserved," Mak added, referring to Prince George, almost two years older, who was born in the Year of the Snake.

But due to her independent nature she won't want to be reined in, Mak said, advising her father William to avoid spoiling his daughter.

"She will be a happy girl - someone who does not like to follow discipline. When you set rules for her, she'd rather be herself," Mak said.

Yet to be named, the baby is the first princess born into the British royal family since Princess Eugenie, daughter of the queen's second son Prince Andrew, 25 years ago.

"Her addition to the family will help make things run smoother for her mom and dad especially in most aspects in their life such as work, health and relationship," Chow said, adding that the princess could prove a great orator.

She won't shy away from the public gaze and will help the Windsors' image, Mak said.

"She is eye-catching. Everybody will look at her... but she does not fear going out (in public). It's good for the image of the royal family." And later in life, the princess will have her choice of beaux, Mak added.

"She will be picky about relationships. Around the princess are all tall and handsome admirers. She will find a suitable one after a few relationships," she said.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese belief system based on harnessing natural and spiritual energies.