CIA releases hundreds of unclassified documents on UFOs and aliens

The existence of extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects (UFOs) might be debatable at best, but the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have revealed that they did not downplay the possibility of alien life for years.

Dated from the late 1940s to the 1950s, a series of declassified documents released by the US foreign intelligence unit shows evidence of thorough investigations on sightings of a "huge frying pan" in East Germany and strange objects that emitted "flashes of light and smoke" in Spain and North Africa.

According to the CIA's website, the release of hundreds of the documents was inspired by The X-Files, a long-running American science fiction television series that made its return to US television in late January, 14 years after its previous season concluded.

To inspire others to follow their footsteps, The CIA also dished out tips on how to investigate claims of UFOs and other paranormal activities through its Twitter account.

Some of the tips for alien hunters include "examining witness documentation" such as photographs, videos, or audio recordings to help evaluate a reported UFO sighting, and "gathering and test physical and forensic evidence" such as soil samples to test for radiation, which according to the CIA, is "normal for the 'tracks' and surrounding area" of flying saucers.

Whether you are a believer like Mulder, or a skeptic like Scully, these real life 'X-files' are bound to make you rethink the existence of other beings on planets still undiscovered by us earthlings.