Clinton father's gravestone toppled: Police

NEW YORK - The gravestone of Hillary Clinton's late father was pushed to the ground in a Pennsylvania cemetery after his daughter announced her second run for the presidency, police said Wednesday.

Hugh Rodham, who managed a textiles business and died in 1993, is buried in the Washburn Street Cemetery in the Pennsylvania town of Scranton, which is largely Democrat.

A friend of the Clintons who takes care of the grave discovered Tuesday that the headstone had been pushed over, Scranton police lieutenant Glenn Thomas told AFP.

The tombstone has since been righted.

"He told us that someone had pushed the headstone from the base, which caused the headstone to fall onto the ground," Thomas said.

"According to Mr McGloin, who takes care of the grave, it apparently happened sometime yesterday afternoon between noon and 3:30 pm when he discovered it," the officer added.

The incident is under investigation and will be pursued by detectives if tips or witnesses come forward, police said.

"The headstone was not damaged. There was no graffiti. It appears that may be one or two individuals pushed the headstone over for some reason," said Thomas.

Clinton, a former secretary of state, first lady and New York senator, announced Sunday that she was running for president.

It is her second attempt at becoming the first female president of the United States after losing out to Barack Obama in 2008.

"I hope this had nothing to do with politics because that's just wrong," caretaker Paul McGloin was quoted as telling local newspaper The Scranton Times-Tribune, which broke the story.

Police said there was no known motive despite the timing.

"This apparently is the first time that occurred to Mr Rodham's headstone, which coincided with her announcing her run for the presidency," said Thomas.

Clinton's father was born in Scranton and died in Arkansas in April 1993, four months after his daughter became US First Lady.