Colombian men and women in miniskirts protest sexual violence

Colombian men and women in miniskirts protest sexual violence

BOGOTA - Dozens of men and women protested in miniskirts Sunday against sexual violence in Colombia.

The demonstration took place outside a popular Bogota restaurant whose owner, Andres Jaramillo, recently said one of his clients deserved to be raped because of what he said was her provocative dress.

"This kid shows up with a coat worn over a miniskirt. What kind of game is she playing? And then she says she was raped - to atone for her sins!" Jaramillo told local media.

The young woman said she had been raped a month ago in the restaurant's parking lot.

"What pains me the most is that many women think this way as well," said Mar Candela as she condemned Jaramillo's comments.

Outside the restaurant, protesters cried out: "Miniskirts are not an invitation!" "When we say no, it's no!"

But Bogota representative Angela Robledo, on hand during the protest, argued that Jaramillo's point of view was shared by many.

Police put the number of protesters at 100, while organizers, who used social media to garner interest in the gathering, said 200 people showed up for the demonstration.

Sexual assaults against women are common in Colombia, according to the High Council for Gender Equality.

According to the council's latest data, from 2010, there are 44 sexual assaults for every 100,000 inhabitants.

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