Cool beds for people with lofty aspirations

Cool beds for people with lofty aspirations

If your home is small and your bedrooms cramped, installing loft beds or bunk beds is a great way to maximise the limited space you have.

A simple bunk or loft bed can be purchased from furniture stores, but some people go further and transform even their kitchen or living room into bedrooms.

For example, you can even put a loft bed in your kitchen, which has a larger horizontal space. However, this is not feasible if you do a lot of frying in your kitchen.

Some have even converted living room into a bedroom, with a pull-out bed on a platform that turns into the floor in the day.

If you sleep in a room with a slanted and high ceiling, maximise the room space by having a loft bed with a space below for your desk and computer.

For the more hands-on people, there are even do-it-yourself tutorials online that will show you how to design and construct your own loft beds.

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