This creepy face hiding in a lamp post is freaking the internet out

The town of Salem, Massachusetts is infamous for spooky happenings, so when the mayor shares a creepy photo of a face hidden in a lamppost, people are going to take note.

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll tweeted out an eerie photo of a lamppost on Wednesday that appeared to have a ghostly face trapped inside.

According to the Boston Globe, the photo was snapped in Salem outside of the J. Michael Ruane Judicial Center.

Some noted that the face looked a lot like Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter.

But others had some friendlier comparisons.

The internet's friendliest troll, @Darth, showed up with one of their impressive Photoshops.

Either way, definitely a totally real ghost.

While Salem is usually associated with the infamous witch trials that began in 1692, the witch hysteria actually took place in Salem Village, which is known today as the town of Danvers.

Regardless, Salem has embraced its spooky past and is a popular tourist attraction during the weeks leading up to, and during Halloween.

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