Daily roundup: What derailed the Singapore-Malaysia high-speed link? — and other top stories today

A disagreement between Malaysia and Singapore over an assets company to operate a high-speed rail link between the two countries resulted in the project being abandoned.
PHOTO: Reuters

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. What derailed the Singapore-Malaysia high-speed link, and where now for neighbours' troubled relationship?

With the Singapore-Malaysia high-speed link unravelling at the stroke of midnight on Jan 1, commentators on both sides of the Causeway have been considering the implications for bilateral ties....» READ MORE

2. 'I felt naked': The 'smart' cushion that spies on office staff in China

The “smart cushion” distributed to staff at Hebo Technology in Hangzhou, China, that can not only monitor the vital signs of the chair’s occupant but also their absences from their desk. PHOTO: Weibo

“The data collected – such as when you are at your seat, when you are not, when you become emotional – is all in the hands of your boss. What’s more, the human resources department will check this data...» READ MORE

3. Family of girl raped, killed in 1995 appeal for help with case

Madam Ang Goon Lay and her daughter Lim Jia Hui, holding a picture of her other daughter Lim Shiow Rong who was was raped and killed in 1995. PHOTO: The Straits Times

On June 24, 1995, Shiow Rong told her mother she was off to see "papa's friend" and ran off while Madam Ang was busy at the coffee shop...» READ MORE

4. Additional entry restrictions may be imposed at malls with crowd management issues: STB, ESG

Visitors to Peninsula Plaza having their identity cards scanned, under odd-even identity number restrictions, on Jan 10, 2021. PHOTO: The Straits Times

Under these guidelines, patrons can visit the malls only on odd or even dates according to whether the last digit of their NRIC or FIN number is odd or even...» READ MORE