Death toll rises to 6 in London attacks, 3 suspects shot dead

People leave the area with their hands up after an incident near London Bridge in London on June 4, 2017.
PHOTO: Reuters

LONDON - At least six people were killed by attackers near London Bridge on Saturday, police said.

Police said three attackers drove a vehicle into pedestrians on London Bridge and then stabbed people in Borough Market.

"Armed response officers then responded very quickly and bravely and confronted the three male suspects who were shot and killed on

Borough Market," Mark Rowley, Britain's top anti-terrorism officer, said.

"Sadly, six people have died in addition to the three attackers shot by police," he said.

"The suspects had been confronted and shot by police within eight minutes of the first call.

The suspects were wearing what looked like explosive vests but these were later established to be hoaxes," he said.

At least 7 killed, 20 wounded in London attack


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