Dog pants debate tears Internet world apart again


Following the unexpectedly hot online debates over the colour of a dress and a math puzzle that had gripped the world this year, here comes another divisive one to end 2015.

The subject? How should a dog wear its pants - on two or four legs?

The debate, which saw sharply divided views of world netizens, is likely to rage on into 2016. So far, the 2-legged camp seems to be winning.

It started with images drawn by a 19-year-old Belgian graphic design student who posted it on Facebook. One shows a dog donning trousers on two legs, another with it on fours.

The debate sparked an upheaval among Twitter users who have been sharing their ferocious responses with the hashtag #dogpants.

One user opined: "The second one, because you don't wear pants on your arms." Barked another: "The 2nd. Can't have your a** hanging out."

Some questioned: Why should dogs be wearing pants at all? Then came a flood of responses from pet lovers tweeting photos of dogs wearing pants, and arguing why they should.

Graphic design student, Norbert K., told The Huffington Post that he created the images after seeing a photo of his girlfriend's dog, Rocky, wearing pants on its hind legs and wondered if there was another option.

"[The photo] made me think about how technically his pants should go on every leg (not just two) because he's not a human. So I've drawn both versions. I wanted to hear other people's opinion," he said. "Dogs don't wear pants on their own so this is all just a human problem."

Shouldn't the question be thrown to the dogs to answer? After all, it's their preference that matters - if dogs have a choice. Do they? That could be the next discussion topic for 2016.

Anyway, join in the debate and give us your view on how a dog should wear trousers in the poll HERE.