Donald Trump is nowhere to be found in his White House's first 360-degree photo

U.S. President Donald Trump gives an interview from his desk in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S., February 23, 2017.
PHOTO: Reuters

Now you can explore Donald Trump's office in 360 degrees.

Just don't expect to find him there.

On Sunday, the White House posted a photo of the Oval Office on its Facebook page. By clicking around or moving your phone, you can explore the entire room. It's admittedly pretty cool, even if these types of photos aren't anything new.

But President Trump is conspicuously absent from the photo. It's literally just a room shot, albeit a really detailed shot showing every nook and cranny of the Oval Office (even the ceiling!). But where are the people? Pence? Bannon? Not even Ivanka Trump is spotted anywhere.

Obama's first 360-degree photo was a selfie of sorts back in January 2016, but his featured a whole crew of YouTube stars.

Photo: Theta

Also taking away some of Trump's thunder is Obama's 360-degree video of the entire White House from earlier this year before he left office. One of the room's featured in Obama's VR tour is none other than the Oval Office.

Trump's digital team is going to have to step it up to stay ahead on all these emerging platforms.

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