Donald trumps it up

Businessman and Republican candidate for president Donald Trump speaks to supporters at a campaign event in Laconia, New Hampshire, July 16, 2015.
PHOTO: Reuters

Mr Donald Trump's mouth has landed him in trouble yet again. This time, with Asians.

During a campaign rally in Iowa on Tuesday, the US real estate mogul and possible Republican presidential candidate made fun of Chinese and Japanese businessmen.

"When these people walk into the room, they don't say, 'Oh, hello! How's the weather? It's so beautiful outside. Isn't it lovely? How are the Yankees doing?" said the 69-year-old star of reality TV series The Apprentice.

"They say, 'We want deal!" he bellowed, mocking their imperfect command of English and their direct manner.

Unsurprisingly, Mr Trump's quotes have even bemused celebrities like Hollywood actor Owen Wilson, who recently dubbed him the Charlie Sheen of politics.

Since being fired from his TV sitcom Two And A Half Men in 2011, US actor Sheen became infamous for his insensitive remarks towards TV personality Kim Kardashian, his ex-wife, actress Denise Richards, and even real-life American warlocks.

"We're so used to politicians on both sides sounding like actors at press junkets..." Wilson told The Daily Beast. "So here's somebody who's not following that script. It's like when Charlie Sheen was doing that stuff - like, wow!"

But Mr Trump is reportedly the front-runner to become the Republican presidential candidate in 2016 (just six points behind Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, according to a recent poll by CNN and market research agency ORC) and there is a very real possibility of him moving into the White House.

Oh, the horror!

However, here are five groups of people the public relations nightmare has managed to offend - and whose votes he definitely won't be getting.


On June 16, Mr Trump made the first controversial statement of his presidential campaign when he hit out at illegal immigrants coming from Mexico.

He said: "They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.'

Prominent Latina actresses like Eva Longoria and America Ferrera slammed Mr Trump for his racist attacks, while Salma Hayek told entertainment channel E! she was so incensed she won't even say his name because she doesn't want to give him "extra publicity".

Los Angeles DJ Ricardo Sánchez, known as "El Mandril" on his Spanish radio show, also started calling Mr Trump "El hombre del peluquín" - the man of the toupee.

Pinatas of Mr Trump are now big sellers in Mexico.

Lesson: Don't make Latin-Americans mad. They'll hit you where it hurts.


Mr Trump has an ongoing feud with Fox News channel host Megyn Kelly (below), after she grilled him during a Republican debate on Aug 6 over his thoughts on women.

Describing the way she had interviewed him, Mr Trump told CNN that she "had blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever".

We have an idea what "wherever" means, and frankly, it's an image no serious politician should ever reference, unless it is to describe how vital it is to the human race.

When Ms Kelly returned to her TV show The Kelly File after a break, Mr Trump remarked she must have had a bad holiday because "she's really off her game."

He also retweeted messages describing her as a "bimbo".

Mr Trump made another media nemesis recently, ejecting American-Spanish language broadcaster Univision's news anchor Jorge Ramos from a press conference on Tuesday, after the latter tried to question Mr Trump on his US-Mexico immigration policy.

"You haven't been called, go back to Univision," Mr Trump barked.

The Mexican-American journalist, who has 30 years of experience, told approaching security officers: "I am a reporter. Don't touch me. I have a right to ask the question."

Mr Trump justified Ramos' removal moments later, saying: "He just stands up and starts screaming. Maybe he's at fault also."

Maybe we're biased, but pissing off reporters - the people who could make you look utterly bad in the public eye - is equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot.


Mr Trump seems to have a special beef against women who are not hot.

He has called US actress-host Rosie O'Donnell "disgusting", "a slob" and "a real monster" over the years.

This was reiterated during the aforementioned debate with Fox News presenter Kelly, when she confronted Mr Trump for calling some women "fat pigs", "dogs", "slobs" and "disgusting animals".

"Only Rosie O'Donnell," he said, leading O'Donnell to tweet in response: "Try explaining that 2 yr kids." But it's not just O'Donnell who has been under fire.

Mr Trump also slammed news site The Huffington Post's founder Arianna Huffington, tweeting: "@ariannahuff is unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man - he made a good decision."


Then again, it seems even hot women are fair game.

In an interview with the New York Times on Aug 15, Mr Trump - from out of nowhere - mused on 42-year-old German supermodel and mother of four Heidi Klum (left): "Sadly, she's no longer a 10."

A day later, the host of US reality fashion series Project Runway fired back by posting a humorous video on Twitter of herself sporting a tag with a number 10 on it. When a man wearing a Trump mask yanks it off, it reveals the number 9.99, causing Klum to gasp in mock horror.

The video was accompanied by the hashtag #HeidiTrumpsTrump.

Well played, Klum. If even a former Victoria's Secret Angel can't live up to Mr Trump's standards of beauty, who can?


Even old, white Republican men - that's Trump's demographic! - aren't safe from his scorn.

Arizona senator John McCain (left), 78, whose plane was shot down in 1967 in the Vietnam War and who was tortured by the North Vietnamese, was snubbed for not being a real war hero.

Mr Trump said of McCain at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, on July 18: "He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren't captured, OK? I hate to tell you. He is a war hero because he was captured. OK, you can have - I believe perhaps he is a war hero."

Military veterans were enraged by Mr Trump's allegations, as Mr McCain has received the Distinguished Flying Cross, a Silver Star and a Purple Heart for his war service.

Mr Trump spent the Vietnam War years studying at Pennsylvania University's Wharton School, avoiding conscription through student deferments and a medical deferment for a bone spur in his foot.

Since veterans always keep their war rifles in working order, we'd advise Mr Trump to get some extra security if he ever attends any events for veterans.

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