An etiquette guide to online buying and selling

An etiquette guide to online buying and selling
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Online shopping has become even more popular with the rise of Instagram stores and apps like Carousell.

Because of this, the interaction with buyers and sellers have changed as well. In these cases, you can contact them directly with your questions and concerns.

Sellers are also expected to have a certain level of responsibility when replying and handling their customers. Personally, I've been selling my preloved clothes online for years now so I've picked up on some do's and don'ts for both sides.

If you're new to this side of online shopping or want to brush up on your etiquette, keep reading.

Be polite


This is definitely common sense but I have come across so many rude buyers online.

So, this is just a reminder to be mindful of your tone when asking sellers clarifications about the items. Don't forget to start off with a greeting instead of jumping into asking for the last price, this honestly helps.

Don't bend the rules


Most sellers already have set guidelines like their courier, pricing, and shipping days. Please don't be that person who tries to find a way around it.

I have been asked so many times to ship through a different courier because the price is cheaper. Sorry, but I'm sticking to my usual.

Post all the details


As a seller, include as many details as possible. Online buyers want to know everything so take pictures from all angles and include tags too.

It also helps to put any flaws so your audience is aware. This also prevents people from asking too many questions and the transaction will be so much smoother.

Always reply


This goes both ways. If you're selling something and a potential buyer has questions or concerns, get back to them as soon as possible.

You're more likely to make a sale this way. And, same goes for buyers. Please don't make sellers wait for your confirmation. We don't want to reserve an item if you're not sure about it.

Double check


If meet-ups are an option, both parties should double check. Make sure to count and recount the cash before you hand over the item. Also, have the buyer look at the item before they take it home with them.

The last thing you want is a negative review because the items didn't live up to their expectations.

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