Factory leakage coats a street in Germany with chocolate

Spilt chocolate is seen on a road in Werl, Germany December 10, 2018 in this picture obtained from social media. Picture taken December 10, 2018.
PHOTO: Feuerwehr Werl/Reuters

Most people, especially ‘chocoholics’, would say that eating a bar of chocolate is the perfect way to stabilize your mood – mainly because of its sweet, rich, and creamy flavor. And some of our all-time favorite chocolate-flavored snacks are chocolate cookies paired with hot cocoa or chocolate ice cream topped off with choco sprinkles

It sounds like a delicious feast for those who have a sweet tooth, right?

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Considering this, it’s no wonder many individuals all over the world crave this sweet treat. This includes Germany, which ranks second in the highest amount of chocolate consumed per year. And last Monday, December 10, in the Werl district of Westönnen Germany, tons of melted chocolate leaked from the storage tank of DreiMeister factory and covered the street.

The fire department was called to help clean the streets of the “chocolate river.” It took them about two hours to finish since the chilly weather instantly solidified the chocolate.

In an interview with Soester Anzeiger, company boss Markus Luckey explained that they have stopped production since the incident happened. But after a couple of days, the business resumed.

“It was just a small thing. There is no major damage,” Luckey affirms.  

Sure, production problems are inevitable and sometimes, it becomes a part of the process that you’ll have to deal with it and implement a solution. After all, mistakes happen all the time, and it’s just how you make the problem “less problematic.”


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