Family photo of trio leaves netizens wondering: Which one is the mother?

The Internet will never run out of questions which it cannot seem to answer.

From deciding whether a dress is black and blue or white and gold, to whether the picture that is making its round on the Internet is playing tricks on everyone's eyes.

The real question is: Which of these three ladies is the mother?

As CNN reported, it looks more like a picture of triplets because everyone is still trying to figure out who is the mom.

Kaylan Manomes of the United States has singlehandedly sent the world wide web into a tizzy by posting a "wefie" of herself, her twin sister, Kyla, and their mother.


Judging by comments online, no one can tell them apart at first glance.

Twitter user Titilope (@Lopeakanmu) said: "Question. I need to know who the mum is cause I've been staring too long and I have a headache."

Since it was first uploaded on Jan 28, the photo has attracted well over 19,000 retweets and 31,000 likes on Twitter.

That duration was still not enough for some netizens.

"3 days later and I'm still trying to figure out who the mom is," read a tweet by user N (@BaddieNay).

There were even some netizens who refused to believe that their mother was in the picture with them.

One Twitter user Legal (lauren_808) said: "I hate to break it to you but your mamma is not in this picture."

And another said she would only be convinced once she saw their birth certificates.

The Mahomes twins and mother were quickly recognised both online and offline.

On Jan 31, Kaylan posted a picture of the good-looking trio with other women who had supposedly stopped them as they had seen their picture all over Facebook.

Kaylan has since set up an Instagram page for her family. The second post on their account does offer a rather helpful clue.

Look at the image below and then the first image of the twins and their mom (that sent the social media world into confusion) again.

Does the lady on the extreme left of each photo look alike?

You're welcome.

If it helps, one Twitter user declared that this confusing Internet moment was "worse than figuring out what colour the dress is".

And just to put the Internet to rest this weekend, here is Kaylan's answer: