Family of UK woman with disabilities in shock after dentists remove all her bottom teeth

A 22-year-old woman in North Belfast who complained of a toothache went into a clinic for treatment and woke up to find all her bottom teeth missing.

Ms Jessica Madden has severe learning difficulties and suffers from epilepsy, due to a rare genetic disorder, reported Belfast Live.

She cannot speak clearly and visits to the dentist require her to be put under general anaesthesia, as it is difficult to get her to keep her mouth open, said the report.

The difficulty in getting treatment for Ms Madden due to the complexities of her case meant it was taking a long time for her to get treated for her toothache.

Frustrated that his daughter was in agony for so long, Brian Madden, a pastor, took to social media earlier this month to highlight her plight, said Belfast Live.

After her story was picked up by the media in Belfast, Ms Madden was finally able to secure an appointment for surgery to treat her toothache.

But her parents instead received a nasty shock after Ms Madden emerged from surgery on Thursday morning (June 23), with all 14 of her teeth on the bottom row removed.

"We're just stunned by it. They came out of the operating theatre and told me they had to remove 14 teeth, every single one of her bottom teeth. I nearly dropped there and then. I just can't believe it. My wife's been crying all day. It's just so hard to take it all in," Pastor Madden told Belfast Live.

The upset father said his daughter would now need to have all her food pureed or eat soup.

While relieved that Ms Madden had her toothache treated, he expressed disappointment in the healthcare system, reported ITV News.

He wondered if such drastic action would have been necessary if his daughter had been able to get treated earlier.

"The question I'm thinking now is, would this have happened if she'd been dealt with earlier? The whole thing, the whole system, it's just all wrong," he told Belfast Live.