This famous candy company offers the 'perfect' internship for people with a sweet tooth

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It is very important that when choosing your ideal job, it should align with your interests, skills, and values. Hence, Mars Wrigley, one of the world's leading manufacturers of chocolates, gums, and fruity candies opened up an internship most of us have been dreaming of.

Last year, the company launched the World's Sweetest Internship - a unique programme which will last 8 to 12 weeks starting from May through August. It is a paid internship with the sweet bonus of a one-year supply of your favourite treats: M&M'S®, SNICKERS®, ORBIT®, EXTRA®, and Skittles®.

The lucky applicants are mainly responsible for candy tasting. They may also see behind-the-scenes candy-making during site visits and they will join the team of Chicagoland Associates by "developing communications, digital storytelling, and programme management skills, while expanding your network among corporate and NGO community engagement leaders in the city."

But interested applicants must remember that a part of the qualification is the ability to differentiate the chocolate used in making SNICKERS® vs. M&M'S®. They should also possess the skill of identifying the five fruity flavors in the Skittles rainbow. And, keep a potted peppermint plant alive for at least eight weeks as a part of their responsibilities upon hiring.

The internship will take place on Goose Island in Chicago and aspirants are encouraged to support the #BetterMoments mission through organised events and activations. Lastly, the interns have to be a high school graduate or the equivalent of the degree. Those with a college degree and who are 21 years old and above is highly preferred by the company.

So, if you're interested in having the most chocolatey internship experience, you may apply here.

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